Naloxone on Newsnight

Newsnight reported from Liverpool on Monday 9th January asking if Naloxone should be more readily available? Watch it below and please share amongst your networks.


One thought on “Naloxone on Newsnight

  1. I’ve watched this a few times now and I have to say that the attitude of the ‘keyworker’ who openly attempts to sell one of the urban myths that ‘users will use more if they believe they have a remedy that will prevent them from death’ is simply unbelievable. I’m lost for words. How someone who has previous experience as a user can actually go on live television and talk utter crap enforcing the myths that, still, has the power to prevent Naloxone’s wider availability despite the fact he has probably at some point suffered the pain of losing mates and acquaintances, is beyond me. No wonder Liverpool are lagging with attitudes like that spreading non-truths. Surely he’s been coached!! Wonder who he works for and if that is an organisational core belief!

    Scientific research has just been released evaluating the risks of complimentary drug use and additional risks taking behaviours in the presence on Naloxone and the evaluation to date revealed no evidence to support the myth. Link added below.


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