Support Don’t Punish day of action

The Support Don’t Punish global day of action is on 26th June every year and this year is set to be the biggest yet with 160 cities joining forces to call for drug policy reform.

The aim for the Global Day of Action is to produce high-profile and visually symbolic local actions. The events are planned locally and you can see here what events are happening near you on the campaign page. Look out for the NAG members that are getting involved in London, Liverpool and Bedford.

There are plenty of inspiration and useful resources online.

You can find out more information about Support Don’t Punish on their website.

Support Don't Punish Logo


2 thoughts on “Support Don’t Punish day of action

  1. Reblogged this on FUTUREMOVES and commented:
    Reblogging from NAG England website, a blog contributed by Blenheim CDP. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to not only be a bonafide Nagger, but also to be in a position to attend all three UK events as a host, a presenter and a Naloxone distributor. What a month July is turning into. Hope to see as many there as can possibly make it. Please share this where appropriate. #SupportDontPunish # #JusticeForKarl #NAGEngland #NaloxoneGuerilla #EuroNPUD #SUSSED #SCUF #WeRise


  2. Hey all, this is great. Am looking forward to a bit of hands on action. I’m getting rusty! So who has the Guerilla Suits then? Kirstie?

    I have my own Vendetta mask. 😉

    July looks like its going to be quite a proactive month, might give me that nudge to get back onboard.

    Kind of lost faith in things for a bit there. Be good to get back into it all. The cyber activism is fine but I cant keep up! By the time I’ve typed an answer, I cant find the bloody question!! 😉 And I have somehow managed to take on quite a few projects, I was supposed to be resting my Pea-brain?? Feels more overloaded than ever!! Bit of London air will sharpen the senses a bit no doubt. See you all there, or at one of the events at least.

    In Solidarity.



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