Case Study: He knew what to do, he had been trained to administer Naloxone just a few months before

Naloxone trainedOn the day that I’ll never forget, something felt wrong from the start. At this point in my life I would describe my heroin habit as ‘raging’. Selling and smoking smack was my daily routine. On this day, my supplier was late, which had never happened before. I gave up waiting, scored elsewhere and injected. Maybe it was because it was stronger gear, maybe it was because it had been a while since I’d injected. I don’t know. I overdosed.

There were guys in the house at the time waiting for the dealer and one of them was my good friend who is now also my life saver. As soon as I went down he knew what to do, he had been trained to administer Naloxone, just a few months before. By the time the paramedics arrived I was already conscious. I was still advised to go to hospital as Naloxone is only a temporary reversal. I would never have gone in the past but this time I did and so began my recovery, my journey away from using everyday.

Download the case study here.


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