Case Study: Addicts can recover. We do feel and we are entitled to live

Naloxone entitled to liveI am an addict. I have used drugs and alcohol for most of my life. It was in May last year when calamity hit. I had been abstinent from opiates for 18 months and was just smoking cannabis and using a rare valium when I could get it. I couldn’t get any cannabis that day but I managed to get some valium and popped the lot and then I did something insane, I injected heroin.

As soon as the barrel on the syringe was down I was gone. Luckily I wasn’t using alone and my friend called the paramedics. I remember briefly coming round after the first shot of Naloxone in the ambulance and then again after the third shot in hospital. I see Naloxone as my miracle, my chance to be a good parent, partner, son and brother. Without this drug I wouldn’t be here writing this. I am now totally abstinent. I have started a degree course at the Open University, I’m a recovery coach and I’m taking my driving test soon. I have an amazing sponsor and for the first time in my life I feel that I have the power to choose whether I use or not, rather than how long I can hold out for.

I want to train to administer Naloxone and campaign for all governments to fund this wonder drug. Addicts can recover. We do feel and we are entitled to live.

Download the case study here.


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